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Privacy Policy and SEC Regulation S-P

In accordance with regulatory and exchange rules Global Arena Capital Corp, Inc is required to collect and maintain personal, non-public information regarding our prospective, current and past customers. Among, but not limited to, these items of information are name and address, financial history and situation, employment, banking, tax bracket, investment experience, age, and other items relating to experience and suitability. The compliance officer of the firm Brian J. Hagerman is responsible for the collection and safekeeping of this information as well as the notifications mandated by regulation S-P.
Global Arena Capital Corp discloses to affiliated and non-affiliated third parties non-public financial and personal information only in connection with the conduct of its securities brokerage business. Such disclosures may include, among other things, information related to transactions, settlement, billing, payment, processing, clearing, transferring, reconciling, collection or tax reporting. Disclosures may be made to affiliates or non-affiliated third parties: (1) as required or necessary to carry out fully and properly the securities business conducted by Global Arena Capital Corp. (e.g. to service providers supplying document processing and delivery, data maintenance or processing services, to RBC Correspondent Services for clearing purposes and to non-affiliated clearing agencies or entities); (2) as required by law or legal process; (3) with your consent; (4) to resolve customer disputes; (5) when requested by a fiduciary or beneficiary on the account; (6) when requested by the client’s attorney(s) or accountant(s); (7) when required by a regulatory agency, or for other reasons required or permitted by law; or (8) in connection with a sale or merger of the firm’s business.
Within the past several years, there have been numerous technological advancements and other changes in the workplace that may raise concerns regarding the safeguarding of customer information; WiFi and Remote Access for example. While at present Global Arena Capital Corp does not use either technology, all proper precautions and appropriate safeguards such as: firewalls, encryption, filters and defensive software, will be implemented, tested and monitored by the Compliance Division of the Company on a timely and regular basis. As other technology develops the Company, especially the Compliance Division will analyze and approve such technologies before permitting associated persons to access customer information (i.e. remotely or wirelessly) and confirm all appropriate measures to secure the customer information are being taken.

Global Arena Capital Corp does not release, sell or disclose any personal, non-public information regarding our clients except by their written request, regulatory audit, examination, subpoena or similar legal process. The firm will maintain all customer files, transaction history, statements, etc. under lock and key at our office at 708 Third Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10017, or in a secure facility offsite. Our computer system uses the latest technology to protect process or delete all corporate and client information. Before disposing of any hard copy client information, those papers will be processed through our industrial level shredder.

The compliance officer will insure that the customers are given notice of our privacy policy in accordance with regulation S-P at least annually or when opening a new account.